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“Unearth the hidden wonders of an island paradise, where unique wildlife roams amidst a tapestry of vibrant cultures. Embark on a journey with Madagascar Trip’s and Pic’s, and let the untold stories of this exotic Eden unfold before your eyes.”

“Unearth the hidden wonders of an island paradise, where unique wildlife roams amidst a tapestry of vibrant cultures. Embark on a journey with Madagascar Trip’s and Pic’s, and let the untold stories of this exotic Eden unfold before your eyes.”

"Unearth the hidden wonders of an island paradise, where unique wildlife roams amidst a tapestry of vibrant cultures. Embark on a journey with Madagascar Trip's and Pic's, and let the untold stories of this exotic Eden unfold before your eyes."

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With a great team of expert guides, you will enjoy outstanding tours around the island.

Looking to explore the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar? Look no further than our exceptional tours, led by a team of knowledgeable local guides. Our itineraries take you on a journey through the island’s diverse landscapes, from stunning rainforests to winding rivers and sandy shores. Our experienced guides will take you to the best spots for wildlife sightings, including lemurs, chameleons, and exotic birds. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating culture of Madagascar, from its traditional crafts to its flavorful cuisine. With our attention to detail and commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, you’re sure to come away with a deep appreciation for this spectacular destination. Join us today for a tour you’ll never forget!

Experience Unforgettable Adventures Across Enchanting Madagascar

Dive into a world of unique biodiversity, vibrant cultures, and stunning landscapes with our curated tours, designed to immerse you in the heart of Madagascar’s magic
Connection tours -
As we are specialized in tailor-made tours and offers, there are countless possibilities to complement the tours with each other in order to adapt them to the special wishes and expectations of the guests. In this category are mostly short tours described but all other offers can also be combined and supplemented with each other. Masoala, Andasibe, Ankanin' ny Nofy, Nosy Be, Ampefy and Tsingy of Bemaraha are especially suitable as short connecting tours to other destinations. Please contact me for a personal and non-binding consultation. -
Botanical travel -
Here, on the fourth largest island in the world, isolated from the African continent for 30 million years, there is a spectacular flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar has a botanical heritage of unparalleled richness; it is in itself a true concentration of biodiversity! Aloe, didieracea, euphorbias, kalanchoe, orchids.... 95% of the plant species are native. Baobab trees grow in the arid, west of Madagascar. We can also work on topics not described in our offers, contact me without obligation for anything important and relevant to your personal trip. -
The north of Madagascar -
Give in to temptation and discover these landscapes more fabulous than the others. Nosy Be is the main island of an archipelago of a dozen small islands. It is called the island of fragrances because of its scents of ylang ylang, sugar cane and spices. Diego Suarez is the main town north of Madagascar. It is a dreamy destination and offers a range of nautical and land activities in an incredible and breathtaking setting. Many impressive national parks such as Montagne d'Ambre, Marojeji, Ankarana as well as the Emerald Sea and the red Tsingy await you there. -
The East of Madagascar -
Eastern Madagascar was once a continuous, lush green corridor of lowland humid forest that extended along the eastern escarpment to an elevation of 800 meters. Under this vast forested canopy, countless species had found an ideal habitat. Unfortunately, the fate of this natural balance has been completely reversed, and these forests are now among the most threatened habitats in the world. But there are also the last vast rainforests of Madagascar: Masoala-the most immense natural experience of all in Madagascar but also the island of Sainte Marie, Ranomafana, Andasibe, the Pangalan Channel along the Indian Ocean, the Vanilla Coast, the splendor of the slopes in the southern part of the east coast. After so much wildlife, many visitors choose to visit the relaxing marine ecosystem of Sainte Marie (also called Nosy Boraha) and relax under the palm trees of the incredible beaches of this small paradise. During the southern winter, Sainte Marie is also a perfect place to watch the humpback whales. -
The south of Madagascar -
So that you can enjoy the extraordinary richness and beauty of the coast, even in the south of Madagascar, despite the relatively difficult access, some tours are organized such as the splendor of the slopes. The coast from Tulear to Fort-Dauphin, in the extreme south of the great island, will delight lovers of vastness and breathtaking landscapes. A vegetation completely endemic in these regions guarantees a total change of scenery and justifies the sporting and adventurous aspects of your trip to these remote areas of Madagascar. Endless sandy tracks, ray turtles at Cap Sainte Marie, Mahafaly tombs and much more are there to be experienced in the deep south. -
The West of Madagascar -
From Antananarivo to the west, the first interesting destination would be Ampefy. The splendor of the slopes west crosses the thorn forests full of baobabs, euphorbias, aloes and kalanchoe that you can also visit on a botanical trip.The Tsingy of Bemaraha, Morondava,Kirindy, Tsangajoly, Tulear, Majunga and Nosy Be are also located in the western part of Madagascar.But also discover the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park with its impressive rock formations, the baobab avenue at Morondava.Majunga, also known as Mahajanga, is called the city of flowers. Port city and capital of the northwestern region of Madagascar, it offers a magnificent natural and cultural landscape.On the journey there you can visit the Ankarafantsika National Park.Further up in the north-west are Nosy Be and the surrounding islands. -
Photo travel -
Madagascar is unlike anywhere else - vast, breathtaking, amazingly diverse and largely untouched-a wonderful setting for a photography workshop with Pierre Koval. Madagascar has earned its reputation as one of the world's leading venues for wildlife photography tours and has recently become a true mecca for wildlife photographers. The level of endemism (unique species) on this one island is simply overwhelming. Landscape photography, wildlife photography, the trips will take you to the baobabs at Morondava, the mountain cloud forest or the mountains. Rare lemur species like Aye Aye or Indri Indri, chameleons, insects and birds can only be seen here in Madagascar. During this Madagascar photo tour with Pierre Koval we will explore all the highlights of the country, and we will take you to the right places at the right time to take the perfect pictures you expect. -
Paragliding - Paragliding -
Madagascar offers countless opportunities for a wide variety of people to explore the island in impressive and unique ways. We offer you a particularly extraordinary option with our Paragliding Adventure Tours. Far away from mass tourism, we offer you the chance to explore Madagascar from a bird's eye view and to get to know the breathtaking landscapes and the various special features of this island in an even more individual and personal way. Madagascar presents itself as an island with numerous spots that will impress you as an experienced paraglider. -
Masoala -
The Masoala Peninsula is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. It includes the Masoala Peninsula, Nosy Mangabe and Antongil Bay. The tropical rainforests stretch from the white sandy beaches of Antongil Bay to the mountainous center 1224 meters above sea level. Within the park, visitors will find ecosystems ranging from coral reefs to mid-elevation rainforests. The ideal tour for traveling with children, we have several offers in the fascinating landscape. -
Fellow travelers welcome! -
Discover the fascinating island world with vacation in Madagascar! We offer attractive vacation packages in Madagascar with fixed travel dates and the possibility to join other travelers. Be captivated by the unique landscapes, rich wildlife and warm people. Some guests do not want to travel alone, others have no other choice because they are singles, others want to join fixed booked trips for cost reasons or because they want to be a small group. But there is also the possibility to plan a trip with me and to publish the itinerary on your dates here, so that other guests can book it. Of course, our guests can already form groups in Germany, this happens mostly with specific theme trips. -
Motorcycle tours and rentals -
On any of our motorcycle tours in Madagascar you will be in the middle of a nature that is unique in the world. From north to south you will cross one of the largest islands in the world. On the territory of Madagascar, the savannah interspersed with baobab trees reminds you of Africa, and the tracks wind through exquisite landscapes. We also offer motorcycle rentals. -
Ornithological trips -
We have birding tours in the program; however, we also spend a lot of time observing other wildlife. This is because Madagascar is home to so many amazing creatures, and the birding list is relatively short. It is still designed to observe as many birds as possible, while we spend additional time on exotics and other target species. Photography is welcome, and this tour is very suitable for casual photography. -
Madagascar slope rides -
On the road with the car The infrastructural conditions on Madagascar take some getting used to for European standards. Those who have already been on the road by car on the African continent and were able to quickly get used to the conditions there, often assume that similar conditions prevail on Madagascar. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all: the road conditions are often chaotic and we cannot normally recommend traveling in a car without a driver. Nevertheless, we know that a trip through Madagascar off the beaten track offers much more adventure, action and maybe even some unforgettable experiences. Therefore, some time ago we added our piste trips to our program. These are different offers off the mainstream, where the ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle is one of the important highlights of the trip. Drive yourself or let drive During your vacation in Madagascar, our track drives will take you along routes and paths that you probably wouldn't even recognize as roads normally. Partly inaccessible terrain offers different levels of difficulty and from rather leisurely track tours, in which you can spend large sections behind the wheel yourself if you wish, to truly adventurous trips, in which you have to overcome various obstacles again and again and only reach your destination thanks to the years of experience of specially trained drivers, we basically have everything in our program. In the context of our piste tours we of course work exclusively with reliable partners, absolutely experienced drivers and high quality cars in the best condition. In principle, however, our piste tours are often a little more expensive, because the wear and tear on the vehicles on these tours is simply above average. You can find the exact calculations in the corresponding offers or ask us directly. If you wish, we can of course also put together a piste ride entirely according to your wishes. All you have to do is simply contact us. -
Splendor of the slopes -
"The splendor of the slopes -experience with us the Terra Incognita in Madagascar" tour we offer you here the opportunity to consider an extraordinary and unique offer on the German-speaking market.In the long version it goes over the highlands and the mountain cloud forest to the Indian Ocean. The second part goes to the deep south and then in the third part of the trip it goes along the west coast and eventually to the Tsingy of Bemaraha.The tour is also offered in three shorter versions. -
RN7 Variants -
Madagascar offers you numerous possibilities for your vacation to gain unforgettable impressions and experiences. As a classic itinerary for all those who travel to Madagascar for the first time and want to see as much of the island as possible, a trip from Antananarivo along the RN 7 down to Tulear is recommended. This tour offers an incredible variety of landscapes and customization options, there is a lot to experience in the backdrops of this classic itinerary and very many variations and connecting tours are possible. This route covers a little less than 1,000 kilometers and reveals to you a magnificent view of the different wonders and beauties that Madagascar has to offer you and it can also be adapted to many special tours such as ornithological trips, trips for photographers, for motorcycle trips and much more. . This tour ends harmoniously under the Tropic of Capricorn in a cozy lodge on the Mozambique Channel. -
Sport travel -
For the adventurous, Madagascar offers a wealth of sporting activities and pursuits for young and old. From hiking to motorized trekking tours, bicycle tours, to paragliding and canoeing, you are sure to find the tour or excursion that suits you. Hiking and Trekking Travel the island of Madagascar on paths not trodden! As a passionate hiker and trekking lover or simply a lover of walks, Madagascar offers you incredible panoramas and extraordinary discoveries. Roads & tracks on motorcycle. There are many motorized tours organized on motorcycles. Set out to explore the wonders of Madagascar on two wheels and fill yourself with extraordinary discoveries. -

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