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Which Direction is the best?

Madagascar is a country bursting with energy, beauty and fascinating secrets. Every season and every region has its own special charm on the island, which as a tourist you will most likely find difficult to escape. Depending on the season you choose for your vacation in Madagascar, you will have many different options to spend your days on the island the way you like. That is why we always emphasize the importance of choosing the most suitable travel time for your vacation in Madagascar. In our background information under the topic Weather, Climate & Best Time to Travel you can get more detailed information about this aspect of travel planning. We are also happy to plan your trip to Madagascar together with you. In this case, you can fully rely on the fact that all weather-related aspects can be taken into account and that you can experience exactly the vacation in Madagascar that you have always wished for. We would like to use the following explanations to give you a small overview of when which destinations and activities on Madagascar can be realized particularly well and intensively. So you can already implement a rough planning and determine in which months certain undertakings are advised and in which seasons the weather conditions with flooded roads or other imponderables should rather be planned other activities.

Photography - The rainy season tempts

Although it may sound a bit surprising at first, the rainy season and the days and weeks immediately after the end of the rainy season are the best of the whole year for travelers with a passion for spectacular and extraordinary photography. The vegetation on the island is at its greenest and in full bloom during this time. Also, many of the animals that go into hibernation during the cold season are active now and can often be captured on camera. The air has been washed clean by the rain of the last months and the light conditions elicit many an additional secret from the beauty of the island of Madagascar now and then. Especially for photography we can recommend a trip from Antananarivo to Tulear, because here you can get to know the whole spectrum of the island of Madagascar and capture it on photographic paper.

Whale watching - An extraordinary experience

Animal lovers get their money's worth on Madagascar in completely different places in completely different ways. While most animal lovers focus primarily on the lemurs, few know that humpback whales can also be observed on Madagascar. Of course, this is not possible all year round, but in the months between July and September they can often be spotted at various places off the island's coast. Whale watching is especially recommended in connection with a tour to the east coast to the island of Sainte Marie. From there, with a little luck, you will not only have an excellent view of the humpback whales, but you can also complete your vacation in Madagascar with many amenities and an immersion in the pirate past of the island.


Lemurs - The extraordinary inhabitants of Madagascar

Monkeys exert a very special attraction on many animal lovers. They are so similar to us humans and at the same time so different in a fascinating way that encounters with them can always become an extraordinary self-awareness. With the different lemurs Madagascar offers a very special playground for primate friends, because the lemurs have developed in the course of the isolation of Madagascar in a completely different direction than all other primate species on this earth. For animal observers and lovers Madagascar is accordingly an exciting place. In principle, the lemurs can be discovered at any time of the year, but from September onwards mothers with their newborns can often be spotted. After-active lemurs can be observed especially well during the rain-free nights. The small cute animals are distributed over the whole island and therefore not only in certain regions of Madagascar.

Birdwatchers - ornithologists get their rewards

Madagascar is a country that is home to many endemic species. This is especially true for birds. Many of the different species live exclusively on Madagascar and can be observed in different places on the island. Our ornithological tour is just the right thing for you if you want to see as many different bird species as possible and also some very rare specimens. But it is not only the design of the tour that will determine whether you will be successful in your bird watching. The seasons also have a decisive influence: between September and December is the breeding season for many bird species in Madagascar. Especially now the different species inspire with a colorful plumage and can not only be observed excellently, but also like to pose as unique photo motifs.


Reptiles, amphibians and insects - Discover exceptional species

The variety of reptiles, amphibians, and insects on Madagascar give you the best chance to spot a new species that hasn't been discovered or documented yet. But it's very important when you're on an island. Many species go into hibernation between May and September. The summer is probably the best time to find insects, amphibians, and reptiles.

Aquatic sports: There are plenty of things to do in the water.

People who enjoy spending time on land and in the water, for example, because they like snorkeling, diving, or deep-sea fishing trips, can go to Madagascar at any time. But the months of April and October are better because the water is clearer, and you can see the underwater world off the coast of Madagascar. In the foregoing, understandably, not all ventures and activities that you can experience in Madagascar have been enumerated. If you have special interests and are interested, for example, in local cultures or sporting activities such as canoe trips, you can find out more about our various travel packages on our portal. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with your request, and we will take care of putting together an ideal itinerary. We have a lot of experience, and we will do everything we can to help you have the best vacation in Madagascar.


Important tips for travel arrangements


Cheapest air routes to Madagascar

Unlike most destinations, it is not advisable to wait for last-minute deals when travelling to Madagascar. Experience shows that flights tend to become more expensive as the scheduled flight date approaches. Of course, we recommend comparing the prices online or in your travel agency. Personally, we have always had excellent experiences with the agency "Reisefieber" in Stuttgart. The advice is always professional, and the team makes a great effort to find the best rates and offers for the guests.

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight connection from Germany to Madagascar so far. Mostly connections are offered via Paris (CDG) or Johannesburg. But there are also countless other connections via Amsterdam and Nairobi, via Mauritius or the Seychelles and, for a few months, even a connection of Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

In my personal experience, Air France is a splendid, although often not the cheapest way to book a direct flight from Paris (CDG) to Antananarivo. This connection with Air France allows passengers to take 2x 23 kg luggage + 12 kg hand luggage on board. Due to these generous provisions, you can still take one or two souvenirs for your loved ones or even yourself back home on the return trip without incurring additional costs.

The flight connections of airlines in Madagascar are not very reliable. Air Madagascar, for example, continually slows itself down. Currently, a new airline is being planned that will offer primarily domestic flights. It is not yet possible to say when the project will be realized. If a domestic flight cannot be avoided, keep in mind when planning that domestic flights usually allow less baggage than international flights. More than 20 kg per person is typically not allowed. Detailed information about flight connections from Europe to Madagascar is constantly updated by us.


Madagascar visa

Application for a visa and payment of fees must now be made before departure and not on arrival at the airport, as was the case previously.

As far as formalities are concerned, the electronic visa is only available for tourist stays and the deadline for application is 72 hours.

The fees vary depending on the duration of the stay:


E visa for 15 days (14 nights): 10€.

E-Visa for 30 days (29 nights): 35€.

E-Visa for 60 days (59 nights): 40€.

In addition, your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the date of travel;


The official website where you can apply for your visa is : Please refer to this information.


Safety on the island

The topic of security is always controversial among travelers. Unfortunately, there are always different reports on the Internet, some of which are years old and are rehashed again and again. On the whole, Madagascar is a safe country and the same rules of common sense apply here that are valid in all other countries of the world.

  • Do not walk alone in Antananarivo at night
  • .
  • Gold jewelry should not be worn openly
  • .
  • In some national parks, especially Isalo and during the Tsiribihina river trip, night tours are generally no longer possible. However, there is in various parks ausdrücklich the Möglichkeit to do so.
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  • The traffic and the örtlichen, rather chaotic customs on the road are unfortunately not comparable with those in Germany and are in my opinion the only safety problem in Madagascar. To be on the safe side, it is highly recommended to hire a knowledgeable driver with a perfectly equipped car and to avoid public transportation altogether. If the use of public transport cannot be avoided, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance about the public transport in Madagascar. We also advise against driving yourself around Madagascar. For experienced Africa travelers, however, there are various ways to take advantage of a rental car. In our Information on Madagascar from A-Z you can find more about Safety in Madagascar.


Medication and vaccination

This topic is also very polarizing between individual travelers. The safety fanatic will take everything from clean syringes to painkillers. The adventurer means rather „if what happens, I react on the spot“. At this point, of course, I can only pass on my personal experience. In individual cases, any medication should be clarified with the family doctor and his prescriptions should be strictly adhered to.

For a detailed &um;overview &um;of travel preparation with regard to medications and vaccinations, visit Travelers' Health.

Malaria prophylaxis I can not recommend from my own experience or only in rare cases, because about 30% of the guests after about a week of the not to be underestimated side effects become ill. There are huge regions where there is no risk at all all year round, and in such a vast country as Madagascar there are climate-related differences that have a decisive influence on the risk factor of contracting malaria. For example, the probability of contracting malaria in the highlands in winter is almost zero. It is sufficient to bring a stable mosquito spray and to sleep under a well-stretched mosquito net in the regions concerned. Such a net is part of the standard inventory in all hotels and does not need to be brought along. Many guests will leave Madagascar without ever having seen a single mosquito. To be on the safe side, you can seek advice from a tropical medicine specialist in advance.


Travel insurance is an important component of the trip

Travel cancellation insurance

We recommend that you take out travel insurance. If you want to make use of it, you should take it out as soon as possible after booking the trip. For travel bookings within 30 days before departure, however, insurance coverage is only available if the travel insurance was taken out on the day of booking or the following day!

In addition, you can also take out the following travel insurance there:

  • Foreign travel health insurance
  • Travel baggage insurance
  • Travel accident insurance

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