Drive the Handmade Karenjy Car from Madagascar Yourself

Discover the unique Karenjy, the handmade car from Madagascar. With its distinctive look, the Karenjy is the only car manufactured in Madagascar and one of the few in Africa. Designed by and for the people of Madagascar, this car is a standout on the streets of Antananarivo.

“Karenjy”, the handmade car from Madagascar

The Karenjy, with its distinctive look, is the only car manufactured in Madagascar and one of the few automobiles made in Africa.

On the streets of the Malagasy capital Antananarivo, this car with its striking appearance is hard to miss. Designed for Malagasy people by Malagasy people, it is perfectly adapted to the infrastructure here.

For the visit of Pope François to Madagascar, a second papal vehicle, the Mazana II, is being built by Karenji. His predecessor Jean Paul II had also been provided with a custom-built Karenji papal vehicle during his visit to Madagascar.

A great source of pride for the entire team that built the vehicle.

It is a 4×4 with a robust Peugeot engine.

At first glance, the Karenjy looks like an odd, bulky car that somehow resembles a mix between a Trabant and a Hummer. However, this peculiar vehicle is very off-road capable and handles both the local infrastructure on the roads and the common tracks with ease.

From the beginning, each Karenjy has been and is handmade. The car is manufactured by about 70 employees in Fianarantsoa, with the body made of fiberglass and polyester.

All parts of the car, except for the parts that are not available here such as the engine, transmission, windows, and tires, are produced locally.

We offer these vehicles for self-driving experiences.

Anyone who wants to drive one of these rare cars can rent it from us for €150/day.

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