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Discover the best travel guides and non-fiction books for those looking to learn more about the red island before their trip. Our carefully curated selection of photo books and travel guides will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge to prepare you for your journey. With our extensive experience working with some of the authors, we can guarantee the quality of the content. Start planning your adventure today!

The Best Travel Guides and Non-Fiction Books

For all travelers who want to learn more about the red island in advance, we have compiled our favorite photo books and travel guides that provide a good basic knowledge and prepare you optimally for the journey. The selection was made very carefully. Since we have worked with some of the authors, we can guarantee that the information is correct and provides a picture of the island that matches ours.

Das Herz Madagaskars

The Heart of Madagascar

Three authors – two photographers and a writer – have taken on the task of making the fascinating travel destination of Madagascar accessible to a wide audience in this magnificent picture book! The book goes beyond the usual highlights such as lemurs, baobabs, and chameleons, while also honoring the people and landscapes of the “red island.”

On 176 large-format pages, the book offers a wealth of impressions and showcases the beauty of Madagascar in a unique way. Whether you are a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply curious about this exotic destination, “The Heart of Madagascar” is a must-have addition to your collection.

Country in a whole new and surprising way. The quality of the images is expected to surpass everything that has been published on this subject so far, leaving the reader and viewer in awe and curiosity. The texts have been deliberately kept concise yet impactful, in order to not dilute the language of the unique photos with lengthy passages. “The Heart of Madagascar” is a declaration of love to one of the most beautiful countries on our planet – while also addressing the diverse problems that exist there.

In its current form – as a large-format photo book – this book showcases the beauty and challenges of Madagascar in a visually stunning way. Rohrbach ist das ideale Geschenk für Madagaskar-Enthusiasten und ein beeindruckendes Dokument der Einzigartigkeit dieses Landes. Wer bereits Madagaskar besucht hat, wird erneut vom Zauber der roten Insel gefesselt sein und Freude an den Bildern und Texten haben!

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Dieter Rohrbach – Madagascar

“Madagascar” – the successful travel guide by Dieter Rohrbach is the perfect gift for Madagascar enthusiasts and a remarkable document of this country’s uniqueness. Those who have already visited Madagascar will be captivated once again by the magic of the red island and will enjoy the images and texts!

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Rohrbach now available as a new edition from the renowned travel book publisher “Iwanowski”. Completely revised and updated, with numerous excellent color photos by “Mat Li Chen, Stephan Chan, Martin Bader, Christian Mütterthies, and others”.

The town plans and maps, as well as the division of chapters into different regions of the “red island”, make it particularly easy for individual travelers to plan their “dream trip”. But package and group travelers will also find valuable background information in the travel guide to help them get to know this fascinating country comprehensively before departure.

Practical travel tips, an “A-Z” section on all important questions, as well as numerous hotel and restaurant recommendations, perfectly round off the book. country. Rohrbachs Buch bietet einen umfassenden Einblick in die faszinierende Welt Madagaskars und ist ein unverzichtbarer Begleiter für alle, die die Insel entdecken möchten.

ca. 540 Seiten, stabile Heftung mit Broschur, vierfarbig bebildert.

Available from March 2017 in bookstores, price 25.95 €

Cover with spine DV

Dieter Rohrbach – Wild Madagascar

18 articles that help us better understand a large country! The wonders of Madagascar are as diverse as the problems of this extremely poor country. Rohrbach’s book provides a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of Madagascar and is an essential companion for anyone looking to explore the island.

ca. 540 pages, stable binding with brochure, illustrated in four colors.

Available from March 2017 in bookstores, price 25.95 €

Landes: hardly any continent (Madagascar can be considered as such) offers such a tension between problems on one hand and potentials on the other!

The question of why the almost regular disasters that plague the population of this mini-continent are rarely or almost never discussed in our home country has to do on one hand with the restrictive information policy that France – as a former and still active colonial power – imposes, and on the other hand with the little attention that the country receives in world events!

While the invaluable natural heritage of Madagascar is well known, the people of the red island themselves have hardly any. Place in the spotlight all the issues that the African continent specifically faces. Despite the geographical uniqueness of the red island, it is part of Africa and therefore plagued with almost all the problems and difficulties of the black continent! This book aims to help highlight some specific peculiarities of Madagascar and contribute to making them accessible to a wider audience.

“Wild Madagascar” – 18 articles about a large and largely unknown country – consists of previously unpublished texts that serve as a complement to the excellent travel guide “Experience Madagascar” and aim to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of some of the peculiarities of the red island. Topics Schaefer’s passionate relationship with Madagascar provides optimal information about the people and situations on the island. Topics such as post-colonial politics, pedophilia, prostitution, rice, pirates, and illegal logging of precious woods offer insights into the diverse cultures of Madagascar. Discover more about this fascinating island and its unique cultures through Albrecht G. Schaefer’s book “Kulturschock Madagaskar.” kkk Schaefer not only draws on his extensive experience from his countless travels crisscrossing Madagascar. In 1985, he proved with Bob Hobman and 5 other scientists on the primitive boat “Sarimanok” that it was possible to sail the 7000 km from Indonesia to Madagascar about 2000 years ago. This expedition from Asia to Madagascar attracted worldwide attention at the time and provided crucial evidence that the ancestors of the Malagasy people have an East Asian origin and continued their Asian heritage far to the west.

An insight into the culture and way of life of Madagascar, one of the most fascinating countries in the world, is provided in. This book is presented in a wonderful way, showcasing impressive expertise.

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